New Orleans Saints Drew Brees leaves $3 tip

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CALIFORNIA  – Some folks are abuzz over New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees leaving a three dollar tip, for a $74 food order from a restaurant in California. And some folks can’t believe that such a big fuss is being made, especially when it was a “takeout” order the NFL star placed. Either way, it’s got people thinking… “To tip or not to tip when it comes to takeout?”

Gossip website “The Dirty” posted a picture of the super bowl winning QB’s reciept, from Del Mar Rendezvous Restaurant. The caption under the bill said, “Drew Brees must hate America like he hates writing zeros. Thanks for not helping out our economy Drew.” Whoa!

The statement, clearly made to sack this quarterback, has people sticking up for him. Even the Del Mar Rendezvous Restaurant is distancing itself from this over-hyped tip debate by issuing this statment:
“We believe Drew Brees to be a great guy and a pillar of the community in New Orleans, as he was and still is in San Diego through his immense charitable giving, and wonderful leadership”

And speaking of Brees’ benefaction, the restaurant will donate close to nine hundred dollars to the “Brees Dream Foundation”. A charity that the quarterback has collected and contributed, more than 17 million dollars for.

If there is one thing Drew Brees is guilty of, it’s that he’s a celebrity. If he was anyone else, the cashier who rang up the bill would have been thrilled with the three bucks. Not bad for hitting some buttons on a cash register.



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