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HOUSTON – A local baseball fan has gone viral after followings harsh criticism over an outfit she wore to an Astros game.

While Terann Hilow has been active on the Houston sports scene for a while, perhaps her breakout moment came when twitter erupted, trying to find out who “Astros Girl” was.

Hillow was spotted at an Astros game Tuesday night wearing a tank top, short shorts and a ball cap.  She said it’s typical summer wear, but others felt her outfit was a little ‘risque.’

“It”s a game and you’re going there to support your team, and you do want to standout,” Hilow said. “You might see some guys with their shirts off, with letters painted across their chest. It’s like, what’s the difference with that and a girl wearing a crop top. I could have been a lot more risque.”

Hilow hosts “Rockets Rewind” for the Houston Rockets and also has an active social media presence.