Astros’ Justin Verlander taunts hecklers from the dugout during game

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The Astros swept the White Sox in their weekend series and some Sox fans weren’t happy about it. Saturday night as the Astros were in the middle of scoring 10 runs for the second straight night one white sox fan let the Astros know how she was feeling.

She was sitting right behind their dugout and yelled “They suck” referring to the ‘Stros. Right before she was escorted out pitcher Justin Verlander made sure he had the last word. He quickly whipped up some signs, stepped out of the dugout, and held them up. The signs read “No you suck.”

Clearly Verlander is not here for the haters, and in California the Giants swept the Angels but their Sunday game got off to an unusual start. Giants first baseman Brandon Belt was up to bat against Angels rookie pitcher Jamie Barria.  Barria kept throwing strikes and belt kept hitting foul ball…after foul ball…after foul ball. 16 of those he fouled off as his plate appearance lasted for 12 minutes and 45 seconds.

Belt hung in there for 21 pitches at bat before lining out to right field. Little did he know he was breaking a record during the back and forth. The number of pitches in a single at-bat breaks the modern-day record held by the Houston Astros’ Ricky Gutierrez, who saw 20 in 1988 from the Cleveland Indians’ Bartolo Colon. Belt later hit a homer to lead the giants over the angels 4-2 for the win.

Now the Angels and ‘Stros battle each other in a 3-game tilt at Minute Maid Park.


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