Athletes ready for battle in CrossFit Open, and in themselves

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HOUSTON, TX – The CrossFit open is here and Clutch CrossFit is one of many competing in this years event.

Laura Schmidt, Owner of Clutch CrossFit and competing in the open said, “The CrossFit Open, it’s a worldwide competition. I think 120,00 people were signed up around the world. Last year 69,000 people, so we’ve nearly doubled.”

It’s 5 grueling weeks of intense workouts.

But it’s not just a competition of athletes versus athletes, it’s also a competition within yourself.

Serena Davis who is also competing in the open said, “This is my first time ever to even be involved in CrossFit or anything this intense, so I kind of just want to see where I fall as far as when I started and where I am today.”

CrossFit has been getting a lot of attention lately; some calling it a fad, some even going as far as calling it a cult.

Jordan Burke who is a coach at Clutch CrossFit as well as competing in the open said,

“I see it more as a community or a family if you will,’ said Jordan Burke, a coach at Clutch CrossFit. ‘We grind it out, we fight it out, we sweat it out. No body’s forced to be here. Everyone’s here on their free will. So honestly when someone makes those allegations that it’s a fad or a cult, they’re just scared of the unknown.”

Clutch has about 25 people competing in the event.

“You’re trying to make regionals. The top 45 or so in each region, there’s 12 regions around the world; that’s going to send you to the games potentially to be one of a 100 people trying to be the fittest in the world,” Schmidt said.

It may look  or sound hard and some of you might think there’s no way you’d be able to do this, but throw any of your excuses out, cause it isn’t going to work.

“Serena’s accomplished this; she got a 100 reps weighing 335 pounds. I don’t know what anyone else has as an excuse. Three months ago she couldn’t jump six inches off the ground.”

So as Laura says, ‘you don’t  give up.’

And on that note, we encourage all of you to go out and ‘Find Your Inner Badass!’


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