Austin HS senior falls in love with sport she once hated

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HOUSTON, TX – “Well I originally hated soccer. I despised it. I cried every time my parents forced me go, but once I started playing, I fell in love with the sport.”

Jessica Baez, also, has a love for academics, so this Austin High School senior is CW39’s Class Act of the Week.

Baez says, “Well, ever since the 10th grade, I’ve taken AP world history, AP US history, taken AP literature, AP language and compositions and AP calculus all at the same time while I was trying to play soccer.”

Baez takes her soccer role very seriously. This team captain is like an extra coach on the field having switched from offense to defense to help the team.

Austin High School assistant soccer coach Tomeisha Reed says, “I’ve watched her play. She’s very helpful with the girls, like she said, she is the last man defense. So, really I feel that the goalie can rest when Jessica is playing because she does all the work.”

That hard work has her team just one win away from a district title (as of February 28), and her hard work studying has helped land $38,000 in scholarships to the University of Texas where she will major in business administration.

Baez says, “It’s a gift because it’s the reward. I see it as a reward for me for all my hard work and all those late nights I spent just doing homework and struggling and all the stress.”

The stress can be burdensome, but she hope she has been able to become a role model for other students.

Reed says, “That’s something for the freshmen girls to strive for. They look at her and they be like if she can do that, I can do that.”

Baez adds, “I want them to be like, well one day… like the freshmen to be one day I’ll be like her.”

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