Authorities search for Michael Brown’s missing millions

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MIAMI, FL – The latest chapter in former hand doctor Michael Brown’s saga has many saying ‘show me the money!’

Get this: federal bankruptcy court documents say two suitcases stuffed with roughly $3.2 million in cash have turned up missing. That’s not all. Reportedly, a quarter of a million dollars’ worth of bling was also snatched from the doc’s home in Miami, Florida.

All this has one trustee in brown’s bankruptcy case asking a court for emergency interviews with 15 people in five cities.

Not a good year for the doc, who, in addition to bankruptcy, was also sentenced to a stint in the federal slammer for choking several stewardesses while on board a British Airways flight. To top it all off, recently suffered a heart attack on October 24th.

A happy new year doesn’t look like it’s in the cards. It seems this hand doc is dealing with a crummy hand.

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