Babes In The Hood: Toddlers found wandering streets in Long Beach

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LONG BEACH, California - A Halloween mom-hunt in California is no trick or treat.

A mom of two toddlers is wanted after the two youngsters were found alone on the streets, missing for more than 24 hours.

Thursday morning, the toddlers, about one and two years old, were found alone wandering a busy intersection in Long Beach.

Surveillance video shows 2 boys walking outside of a liquor store with an unidentified woman, who appears to be holding one of the toddler's hand.

Minutes later, video shows the boys with another adult; a cop, looking for their parents.

"They were on the sidewalk, they were together, which tends for us to believe they were related, in good spirits and good condition," says Sgt. Robert Woods with the Long Beach Police Department.

It is not confirmed if the woman in the video is their mom, but cops have identified the mom as 23-year-old Shenae Irene Dixon, who was arrested Friday, on suspicion of child abandonment and child endangerment.  Dixon's bail is set at $100,000.

Neighbors who live in the area recognize the kids say they're a homeless family.

"The only thing I know her from is being out on these streets, doing different drugs with different people, and staying from different motel to motel.  She got 2 kids, she's homeless, and out here on the streets," one man says.

One lady has pictures of the boys on her cell phone, and says they've been staying at a nearby motel.  She believes the pair likely slipped out of their room.

Mary Carter, who claims she knows the family says, "it was the person who was watching the children for her.  They had fell asleep, and the 2-year-old opened the door, and was able to walk out.  So I'm assuming that's probably what happened."

For now, the boys are with the Department of Children and Family Services; a place where they probably won't be told a bedtime story.


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