Backlash after YouTube Prankster Goes around Pinching Women’s Butts

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Update: Sam Pepper’s video has since been taken down by YouTube.

Sam Pepper is a successful YouTube prankster. He usually gets over one million views and he's well known in the community for being outrageous. However, his latest prank is not leaving people laughing instead they’re quite outraged.

The prank, he recently uploaded, is called “Fake Hand A** Pinch Prank”. The video shows the 25-yr-old going up to five women and pinching their butts while they stand there completely unaware. All of the women are shocked. One woman clearly states “I don’t like that.” He just tries to laugh it off.

Funny enough, Sam Pepper has made no comment on social media. And surprisingly, the video is currently still up. People are lodging complaints to YouTube to get it pulled down and are reporting it for its gross content. There’s even a hashtag “ReportSamPepper” trending on twitter.

So what do you think is the video funny or sexual harassment?

Honestly, I’m all for a good prank. But violating women and making them your “target” for sheer amusement is not funny. While it may seem like harmless fun, a simple prank, or a “social experiment”, you have to keep in mind who your target audience. Videos like these have a way of encouraging people to follow in your footsteps.

1 in 6 young women, just like the ones in the video, are sexually assaulted. Unfortunately that’s no joke nor will it ever be a laughing matter.

So Sam, it’s time you come up with some new material.

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