Bad bosses can make you sick

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HOUSTON, Texas - Warning: your bad boss may be killing you.

It may sound melodramatic but a study done by found 77% of employees suffered physical symptoms of stress from dealing with a bad boss, and 60% were more likely to suffer heart damage.

So what makes a bad boss? According to these are the factors that make up a bad boss:

  • They don’t communicate their expectations or a clear vision of the future.
  • They selectively communicate with a few people leaving the rest of the team feeling devalued and left out.
  • They fail to inspire and accept mediocrity.
  • They reward based on brownnosing- not performance or impact.
  • They withhold compliments even when earned.
  • They don’t follow through on commitments.
  • They blame others rather than owning their own mistakes.
  • They avoid difficult situations and lack the courage to do the right thing.

Why would a manager act like this? says it’s because they’re insecure with themselves which leads them to be mean, paranoid and vindictive.

The bottom line is, life is short and with a bad boss it might be even shorter.


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