Bangladesh mourns factory workers killed in fire

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DHAKA, BANGLADESH – A national day of mourning in Bangladesh after two fires in factories that made clothes sold in the United States.

A fire over the weekend in a nine-story building outside the capital of Dhaka started on the first floor but spread to others. At least 117 workers died. More than 2,000 people were inside at the time.

Three managers at the factory are under arrest, accused of locking a main gate, which kept many workers from escaping. And now, the country’s prime minister says it was no accident, that someone deliberately set the place on fire.

Then Monday, another fire in another garment factory, also on the outskirts of Dhaka. No one died in this fire, but ten people were hurt when they jumped out of windows.

The deadly weekend fire was in a factory that made clothes for Walmart. The company admits that one of its suppliers was subcontracting work at the factory without Walmart’s authorizations. And Walmart now says it has ended its relationship with the supplier, but did not say who it is or why the supplier was still dealing with the factory.


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