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HOUSTON — Two bank robbery suspects who led police on a wild chase from Bellaire to north Houston Friday morning have been taken into custody.

According to Houston police, the armed men stormed into and robbed Amegy Bank in the 5300 block of Bellaire around 10:45 a.m. A woman hiding under a desk called 911, and Bellaire police headed to the scene.

The suspects fled the scene in a black car, while helicopters and police tracked their movement. HPD also joined in the chase after spotting the vehicle near Main Street.

From there, the suspects led police to the north side, near I-45.

Aerial views show, at one point, the suspects patiently waiting in traffic while a helicopter hovered above. No squad cars were immediately surrounding them at that time. The suspects got into high gear after that, weaving in and out of traffic, until the smoking vehicle came to a stop in the 6500 block of Enid.

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The passenger took off running, while the driver jumped out and attempted to carjack a white Nissan parked next to them.

A handicap man and his son were in the Nissan, and the son sprang into action to protect his dad. The son knocked the suspect away and police caught up to him and wrestled him to the ground.

“He did what he did for his father. He saw what was going on and he went to protect his father. He did what I believe any one of us would do,” HPD Captain Larry Satterwhite said. “Very heroic action and very proud of him.”

The second suspect was taken into custody following a short foot chase.

The suspects tossed two bags of money out during the pursuit. Both of those bags have been recovered.

Satterwhite said the suspects may be responsible for multiple robberies in the area and the getaway vehicle had been reported stolen.

Police believe at least three civilian vehicles were struck during the chase, but no injuries were reported.

“It was clear that these individuals clearly did not care about the safety involving the public; first the robbery that they were involved in with fire arms, very violent,” Satterwhite said. “And when they fled, they clearly didn’t regard the safety of the public.”