Bears are making themselves right at home in California hot tubs and neighborhoods

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ALTADENA, Calif. – The state of California`s got a new team of bad news bears and they’re helping themselves to, well, whatever they want!  Resident Mark Hough was looking for some R & R in his own backyard.  He got a furry intruder, instead, drinking his margarita.

After lapping up some leftover liquor and licking the table clean, this care bear took a little dip in the hot tub.  Who wouldn`t wanna spend the afternoon enjoying the jacuzzi jets, getting all wet and doing a little grooming?  He even got a little playful with the chlorine apparatus and the thermometer.

Eventually, bubbles gave way to boredom and the big guy took off. He was spotted later, napping in a tree. (Probably sleeping off the margaritas, if you can bear-lieve it!)

Joseph Llorens would also bear witness to another rare site zig-zagging through his neighborhood. “Well, he looked real cute and cuddly.”

Then Teddy nearly got hit by a car.  “That’s when I called 911 and notified the sheriffs because I didn’t want the bear to get hurt,” says Llorens. “There was a tree down the street where he tried to climb up and once he stood up, he was probably at least over 6 feet tall.”

Bears will be bears so Californians should just grin and bear it.

Hey don’t blame us!  According to the fish and wildlife department, that`s just the bare facts!

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