Behind the scenes at WWE’s 20th anniversary

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HOUSTON – The WWE`s flagship show Raw came to celebrate their 20th anniversary show at the Toyota Center on Monday January 14.

WWE Hall-of-Famer  Mick Foley says, “At the time it was done, it was a really bare bones show hence the name raw. This is what wrestling is – raw.”

Mark Yeaton, a WWE production manager says, “A lot of things have changed over the years. I mean our colors have changed, our logos have changed.”
WWE VP of Event Tech Operations Duncan Leslie adds,  “When we started, it was very small and compact, not a lot of people on the crew with very simple elements and as technology has grown we have grown with it.”

The show now is much bigger and requires a small army.

Sean Sellman, WWE’s Director of Production logistics says, “We are now 14 semis, 2 high-definition TV trucks, and a custom made satellite truck. We have our own generator, seven crew busses…’

Sellman, also, says it takes about eight hours to prepare for the live TV show. the set-up  requires about 6 miles of cable, 12 cameras, 48 speakers, almost 80-thousand light bulbs for the HD set, and about 28-hundred pieces of pyro.

WWE Diva Kaitlyn says, “Waking up every day and knowing that no day will ever be the same is kind of terrifying but also just super exciting.”

WWE wrestler The Miz adds, “Is it hard to travel from city to city to city each and every week? Yes, but is it worth it? When I go out on that stage and there is going to be 20,00 people in this Toyota Center going absolutely ballistic, that`s what makes it worthwhile.’

The WWE is scheduled to return to Houston sometime this July.


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