Being a father really pays

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HOUSTON, Tx. – Guess what dad, you’re in luck. According to new research, being a father really pays.

The City University of New York says men with children earn 40-percent more than men without kids. In 2010, the average salary for fathers was $49,000. Compare that to $29,000 for guys without kids and you and the Mrs. have a good reason to get busy this weekend.

“Married men are going to want to invest more,” Houstonian Taylor Ortiz says. “They’re going to want their children to have more in the future, they’re going to want better homes for their kids and so that’s where they’re going to put their money.”

Grandfather Carlos Ortiz puts it more bluntly saying, “They’re more motivated because you have kids crawling up your bed wanting milk from the minute they’re born.”

Part of the reason is that fathers tend to be more established in their jobs and command higher wages. But that doesn’t necessarily mean dads have more disposable income.

But here’s where the real disparity comes in: according to the same research, dads made nearly double the income as moms. In fact, on average, women with children made even less than single men.

Gender inequality? What do you think?



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