Bel Inizio helps disadvantaged Houstonians stay on the right track

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HOUSTON, Tx. – Exercise isn’t a cure all for everything, but it helped Theresa Strong when her husband died in 2009 from brain cancer.

She shares, “What I realized is that exercise, getting up and running every day was keeping me motivated giving me the small successes I needed to move forward.”

That’s why Theresa founded the organization, Bel Inizio. It means “beautiful beginning” in Italian and the group is aptly named to give disadvantaged Houstonians a new beginning through fitness.

“We give our clients the opportunity to make and keep a commitment, set and achieve a goal.  In 8 weeks they experience yoga, therapeutic massage, walking, stretching, running as exercise and they complete a 5k race,” she explains.

Lajean Robinson has been a participant in Bel Inizio and shares that,“it’s encouraging me that yes you can move forward in life, you don’t have to let your circumstances what you’re supposed to do next.”

”It was wonderful to wake up in the morning and do the stretches that I was taught.  And so I felt better…” shares Sharon Hadley, who has also participated in the 8 week program.

Bel Inizio is gearing up to host its own 5k, The Race for a Better Life, on November 8 at Sugar Land Memorial Park.

You can sign up at and help Bel Inizio keep some very special Houstonians on the right track.



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