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Nothing kills Spring Break fun… like the deaths of your classmates.

One current and two former Bellaire High School students  died Sunday after slamming head on into a tractor trailer  near Corpus Christi. They were driving home from Spring Break.

DPS says  the driver,  18 year old Lamar High School student  Shelby Coleman was mapping the route on her phone while behind the wheel.   She lost control, went across a median, strait onto incoming traffic. … killing everyone in the car but herself.

Bellaire students 17- year old Jade Robinson, her sister 19-year old Brianna, and 18-year old Brittanie Johnson all died. Shelby Coleman is in critical condition.

Friends and family gathered at the Robinson’s house in Southwest Houston to comfort each other.  “They were just loving young ladies completely devoted to each other. The both had separate bedrooms but 90% of the time you found them in one. This is very hard… I’m sorry” sobs Bettye Greene, Brianna and Jade’s grandmother.

Friends and classmates were stunned when they heard the news. “First time I heard it was on Twitter and I was just shocked… and sad” says Jade’s classmate Orlando Hernandez. Je and Brianna’s friend  Mattison Sims had a similar reaction, “I didn’t really believe that it was her. It was kind of unreal to believe something like that.” Jade’s friend Kennedy Herndon says, “She was just a joy to be around and that’s just someone that you’re going to miss.”

Jade was a Senior and a volleyball star with a scholarship to play in college. “She worked very hard at her craft and she was a good volleyball player, but she was an even better person” says Stephanie Rhodes, Club Director of the  Houston Juniors Volleyball Club.

A Go Fund Me account to help pay for funeral expenses has already raised more than 20 thousand dollars.

Such a tragedy, for goodness sakes everybody… when on the road…. focus on the road.