Bellaire’s Antony Yun gets perfect SAT and ACT scores

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HOUSTON – Antony Yun definitely has some bragging rights because he’s not just your “average” student.

The Bellaire High School senior got perfect scores on both the SAT and ACT college acceptance exams. One of only four to get a perfect SAT score in HISD last year, that’s .03 percent of 1.7 million students who took the test last year across the nation.

“I wouldn’t call myself a genius. I still think it has a lot to do with my school, my peers and my family,” explained Antony Yun.

You’d think it took a lot of extra preparation to get these scores but that’s not the case, “I did look over some notes in the time coming up to the test, I had some vocabulary that I skimmed over.”

You could say it runs in the family, his older brother aced the SAT but not the ACT.

“But I guess with only 2 data points, correlation doesn’t always imply causation,” added Yun.

And with that answer, you know Antony is thinking on a higher plane.
And his grades?

“Unweighted is a 4.0 GPA and then weighted, where you take into consideration the difficulty of the classes that you take, I have a 4.93.

Once again, not your average kid.

Chris Smith, Yun’s AP Art History teacher described him, “Intellectual curiosity. He’s the one who’s going to turn the stone over and go, what’s on this side and whats on that side? He’s always trying to pull the string back to find out why was it made? Who made something like it first? And so he’s looking at the really critical things.”

What now? Yun is considering U.T., MIT, Cal Tech or Carnegie Melon.

“I’m going to probably study computer science or computer engineering,” according to Yun.

We’d say good luck, but with those smarts, he probably doesn’t need it.



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