Ben Hall makes bold claim about Mayor Parker

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It appears Ben Hall is throwing the first punch in the race for Mayor of Houston.

The former city attorney claims Mayor Annise Parker gave big fat raises to her senior and closest staff while 747 city workers were laid off.

“They lost the paycheck that they needed to support their families, deserved equal opportunities and equal treatment to those who might have worked closely around the Mayor who were already in the six-figure range,” said Hall.

There were cutbacks, which Mayor Parker addressed at the time in 2011.

Now her office adressing the raise rumors in a statement:

“…many members of her Mayor’s staff were previously employed elsewhere in city government. Their positions in the Mayor’s administration were promotions that came with salary increases…”

Maybe we’ll hear more about it from the Mayor in a debate with Hall taht’s supposed to happen at some point.

Hall challenged Mayor Parker to a series of six debates. She agreed to one.

Things are getting interesting!


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