Beyonce sued for $20M after sampling Messy Mya in iconic song ‘Formation’

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NEW ORLEANS — Life's gettin' messy for Beyonce in Louisiana. Six years ago, Messy Mya — the foul-mouthed hip hop artist and comedian from New Orleans —  made one of his many videos on the streets of his hometown.  Less than a year later, he was fatally shot.

Beyonce samples Messy Mya's voice for that video in her 2016 hit single, “Formation.”  Now, Messy Mya's estate is hoping to make lemons out of lemonade by suing the Queen Bey. They're asking for $20 million claiming she didn't give their home boy credit. The estate claims his work is, “The seed from which Beyonce's song grows.”

Messy Mya's real name was Anthony Barre. His estate also claims Bey didn't respond when they tried contacting her about the alleged infringement.

Some of Messy Mya's fans believe Beyonce cemented his legacy, suggesting she actually helped immortalize the rapper.

A judge will have to decide whether he was wronged. But you can be sure, Beyonce`s lawyers will put up a messy fight. In fact, they're probably already getting in formation.


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