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HOUSTON, TX – A recent rash of hit-and-run accidents has Houston cyclists ready for action.

Bike Houston has joined forces with some powerful allies, including Crime Stoppers of Houston and Mayor Annise Parker, to make Bayou City streets safer for cyclists.

Their goals? To improve enforcement of driving laws, investigate unsolved hit and runs, and educate drivers and cyclists about road safety.

Bike Houston also announced a donation of $2500 to Crime Stoppers – their way of thanking HPD’s hit and run division for their work in solving cycling-related accidents.

“Bike Houston believes we make progress through a process of cooperation and mutual respect between the parties, and we’re really pleased with the progress that’s being made on this front with the city of Houston as well as the Houston Police Department,” said Michael Payne, Bike Houston’s executive director.

But the work’s not over yet. Crime Stoppers is looking for some assistance in solving recent hit and run accidents.

They’re offering up to $5000 for any information regarding a hit-and-run March 16 that left a cyclist injured and another hit-and-run January 13 that killed a cyclist.

“The driver who flees is going to talk to someone,” Crime Stoppers executive director Rania Mankarious said. They will say something to somebody.”

If that someone is you, it’s time to do your civic duty and give Crime Stoppers a call.