Bike Safety Campaign


HOUSTON (CW39) — Everyone deserves to feel safe and secure on the roadways. Preliminary records from Texas Department of Transportation show that accidents involving vehicles and bikes in the Houston area resulted in 34 deaths in 2019.

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In an effort to ensure that cyclists are protected while on the roads, Clear Channel donated 9 billboards in Houston to advise motorists to be on the lookout for cyclists. The billboard will generate over 8.4 million market impressions in the month that they are being displayed.

The billboards come with the message “You never know who’s on the road, drive safe.”

The safety campaign consists of four large freeway boards and five poster panels placed in neighborhoods. The large freeway boards are located at North Loop at Kirkpatrick; State Highway 249 at Fallbrook; North Belt at Lee Road; and South Loop at Holt. The small panels are at Yale and 25th Street; Telephone at Airport; Cullen at Briscoe; Fuqua at Campden Hill; and Willowbend at Stella Link.


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