Bin Laden’s secret disguise in Pakistan consisted of western wear

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binladenABBOTTABAD, PAKISTAN – Thanks to al Jazeera’s big mouth we got our hands on a report from the Abbottabad Commission outlining how “gross incompetence” leading to “collective failures” allowed Osama bin Laden to go undetected for quite some time.

Of course the Pakistan government knew bin Laden was there; but apparently just didn’t care.

Case in point; the report claims Osama bin Laden lived in plain sight for nearly ten years and somewhere between 2002 and 2003 mister ‘been hiding right in front of us’ was pulled over for speeding and let go. Jeez, Pakistani police must be paid pretty well to let go public enemy number one.

Locals even named his house ‘the big house’. But still no one said, ‘Oh I bet bin Laden is in there. Let’s go get him’

The report also says bin Laden protectors spent a lot of time arguing with electric companies to install 4 separate meters in the house in order to hide the number of residents. Yeah, that’s not suspicious at all.

We’re also expected to believe the 9/11 mastermind wore a cowboy hat to avoid detection.

Sounds like Pakistan knew it and blew it.


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