Birds are threatened by climate change

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HOUSTON, Tx. -- Many studies are “for the birds” but one done by the National Audubon Society is about birds.

This study says half the bird species on our continent are threatened by climate change. “Climate change is having an effect on birds worldwide. It changes their natural habitats so they’re not able to live where they’re used to living” says Hannah Bailey of the Houston Zoo.

According to Audubon, 300 of the 500 bird species examined in the U.S. and Canada, will find their habitats cut in half by 2080, as a result of climate change. This includes the bald eagle. By 2080, the symbol of our nation may have lost 75% of its habitat.

Climate change will affect birds in Texas too, notably, the Sandhill Crane, which is native to North America. “Sandhill Cranes are fairly common but they’re also under threat from climate change because their habitats are changing rapidly and their food sources are not as readily available as they used to be. So where their range used to be broad, it’s getting narrower and narrower” explains Bailey.

Now, birds being displaced may not sound like a big deal but it is. According to Bailey, “Birds are major seed dispersers so that just having this change- a small change in their habitat, can cause major changes in other habitats because they’re dispersing seeds in different areas. It affects the plants, it affects all of the animals in the ecosystem and it can eventually lead to affecting us.”

So, by reducing your carbon foot print you’re helping the birds and yourself. Think of it as killing two birds with- well, you know.


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