Black Friday fights and crime at shopping centers

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USA – Video from Black Friday shoppers at a Roseville, California mall shows them going at it over lingerie and we’re just getting started.

Massachusetts police say a man left his girlfriend’s toddler alone in a car while he went Black Friday shopping at K-Mart. Luckily, the kid’s okay after police smashed the car window to rescue him. Get this – police say the man admitted to panicking when he came out of the store and didn’t see the child. Instead of calling the cops, he calls a friend to bring him and his television home instead.

And in Florida, two shoppers were shot while fighting over a parking space. They’re expected to be A-Okay.

Don’t forget about the Walmart workers protesting for better treatment and higher wages.

What a mess! Ironically, this entire ruckus was for naught. Black Friday sales were down 1.8% while foot traffic was up 3.5%.


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