Black Friday shoppers lined up on Tuesday

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HOUSTON, TX – Remember when holiday traditions used to be everyone traveling to grandma`s house and awkward dinner conversations? For better or worse, holiday traditions have evolved. Now the family gathers at Best Buy, Wal-Mart, Target, or Toys-R-Us.

With days yet until retail clerks become bouncers, and controlled chaos ensues, a dedicated few have already started lining up at Best Buy.

“Every year we try to be the first ones….My whole family comes, cousins, uncles, brothers, sisters,” says Maricela Delcid as she waits outside the big box store.

Don`t think the Delcid family is going to skip turkey day altogether. Maricela`s brother goes home, cooks, and brings the meal back to the makeshift campsite.

Over 130 million Americans plan to shop on Thanksgiving weekend, and experts expect us to spend 4% more than last year.

But bucking the trend of opening Thursday evening, some stores are remaining closed until Friday morning.

One is even closed all of Black Friday. R.E.I. is paying its employees for their day off, and hoping their customers will, #optoutside and spend the day with their loved ones.

But as the Delcid family shows, you can spend some time outside, with the family, and still get the best Black Friday has to offer.


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