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SAN DIEGO, CA – Whether you swear by GPS, or don’t trust it at all, if your little robotic voice sends you on a detour down the railway, don’t be a lemming.

Some senior citizens in San Diego, California are making the case that GPS technology isn’t for them.

A tourist’s blind faith in his on-board gadget nearly cost him his life as a his rental car was struck after the driver said the GPS guided him onto the tracks, instead of the road.

Isolated incident? Nope.

A railway worker says this is the 5th time he’s witnessed an off-road elderly excursion in 3 weeks. He says in a previous instance, and older couple was using their GPS and drove their Lexus down the alley and almost ended up on the MTS tracks. He says every time this has been an issue, GPS has been involved.

The sheriff’s department is looking into the possibility of a GPS glitch, but either way — if the voice in your head tells you not to listen to the voice from your gizmo, side with your common sense. And if your common sense says it’s OK to drive on the tracks, maybe it’s time to give up your driver’s license.