Body language can reveal who you are voting for

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HOUSTON, TX- As we all wait to find out who’ll be our next president, one man says he can tell who you prefer just by looking at you.

Patrick Wezowski is the founder of the Center for Body Language and studies microexpressions. “Microexpressions are the facial muscle movements that reflect emotions of happiness, disgust, anger, sadness and so on,” explains Wezowski from his office in Antwerp, Belgium. “Just by looking at the face, you can discover what somebody really feels.”

For the Center’s most recent experiment, they studied webcam clips of people watching the candidates to decipher their true feelings. How effective is it? We grabbed a couple of people, Jennifer and Craig, and put it to the test.

What did Patrick see in the face of Jennifer, a 26-year-old working woman from Pearland, as she took the test? “Two times, when she saw Obama, she was nodding ‘yes’ and two times when she saw Romney, she was shaking (her head) ‘no,'” he says. “Definitely Romney– she’s not going to vote for him.”

She’s not voting for Obama either. “I’m actually voting for Gary Johnson, the Libertarian,” said Jennifer.

So what about that nodding at President Obama? “I do agree with Obama more,” she explains. “I feel he’s a very good speaker, but as far as his actions, I don’t feel he’s necessarily carried through with what he says.”

Our next test subject was Craig, a married 28-year-old sound designer. After Patryk watched Craig’s reactions to his Obama-Romney video, he noticed at one point, “One of his lip corners raises more than the other one which means he experiences contempt (or) superiority when seeing Romney.” That’s a strange reaction, seeing as Craig is a staunch Republican and Romney supporter.

Patryk, you gotta lotta sh’plainin’ to do!!

“Craig (probably) belongs to the 16% of Republicans that feel negative emotions to Romney, and this is because Romney takes on a superior role and people don’t tend to like that sometimes,” said Patryk.

Craig admits he hasn’t always been so firmly behind Romney but adds, “I’m proud to support him, but I think the overruling factor is that I’m proud to NOT support Obama.” Ouch!

The study also found 26% of Republicans show strong feelings of anger and disgust at seeing Obama.

“We can almost say they hate Obama,” says Wezowski, “which is not the case the other way around.”

So who’s going to win the race? Patryk says, like so many other polls out there, his study has it at an even split, all coming down to the undecideds. “The independent voters,” he notes are “really indifferent. They don’t care, and in this election, they’re really difficult to win.”

Sounds like whoever triumphs, will probably do so by a nose… or eyebrow… or wince… or wink… or smile.

If you would like to try your hand at the Center for Body Language’s online experiment, go to

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