Boston bomb hoaxer sent to psychiatric facility

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BOSTON, MA – A year after the Boston Marathon bombings, can you believe someone tried to play an explosive stunt at the marathon finish line?!

Even though it was a hoax, it is definitely no laughing matter.

A man walking barefoot down a street near the marathon finish line, yelling “Boston strong” dressed in all black, definitely drew attention to himself.

Boston police approached Kayvon Edson and asked “what’s in the backpack?”

“At that time he stated that there was a rice cooker in the backpack,” said Superintendent Randall Holstead of the Boston Police Department.

Police had to blow it up to find there was only confetti in the bag.

Actually cops had to blowup two suspicious backpacks. The second one belonged to a news person that had been left behind by mistake.

Edson claims to be a performance artist, fashion designer and a mental patient.

No matter what he says he is, he’s being held now for psychiatric evaluation. He’s been charged with possession of a hoax device and making a false bomb threat. Those kind of charges could cost him 20-years in the slammer.

Pretty expensive for a backpack full of confetti.


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