Brazil to offer obese World Cup fans special seats

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BRAZIL – It’s almost time for soccer’s world cup hosted by Brazil.

Brazil is known for its badonky-donks. The country even has a law that concentrates on the behind.

Brazilian law requires at least one-percent of the seats in each of the 12 venues for the 2014 World Cup be big enough to accommodate, well, you know, large butts or disabled individuals.

But you’ll have to do more than stuff a bunch of junk in your pants if you expect to score one of those big-butt seats.

The Brazilian government says you have to turn in a medical certificate that shows you have a Body Mass Index of at least thirty.

So, if you’re not five-feet tall and weigh 155 pounds, or 5-11 and 215, or anywhere in the red area on the BMI chart, you can forget about getting a wide seat for your prominent posterior.



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