Brazilian girl sells virginity for $780000

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BRAZIL – People buy and sell stuff on the web all the time. But for this online auction that just ended, the buyer is expecting to get screwed on the deal. That’s because the item that just sold, is the 20-year-old, mint in box, virginity of a young woman from Brazil.

Her name is Catarina Migliorini and on the last day of the auction, the price tag on her virtue jumped from $190,000 to a final bid of $780,000 to a man living in Japan that goes by the name of “Natsu.”

The next step in this creepy love connection is that the participants get tested for STD’s and then will board a plane flying from Australia to the U.S. where Natsu will claim his prize.

But why have your first time this way?

Two years ago, Catarina Migliorini saw an ad for an Australian documentary called “Virgins Wanted”. The production was looking for participants willing to auction off their first-time for the film and for some financial gain. Catarina decided she would be open for it, and applied claiming that some of the proceeds from her deflowering will go to helping the poor in her hometown of (oddly enough) Santa Catarina.

Producers say the actual act won’t be filmed. And they’re getting around the whole prostitution charge by having the winner claim his prize over international waters.





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