Break out your flags; It’s Independence Day

Online Dish: Surprising 4th of July Facts

The Fourth of July may be known for its stellar picnics, fabulous fireworks and heavy doses of patriotism, but what about the coincidental deaths and jumbo-sized gifts that have also marked America’s 237 birthdays? Here are six things you didn’t know about the 4th of July.

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HOUSTON, TX – On July 4th weekend, the good old Stars and Stripes represents the courage of our founding fathers to form this great nation.

Need a flag? Head to Money Maker`s in Spring Branch. You’ll find rainbow flags flying high to express pride for gay marriage.

Thanks to the controversy in South Carolina the Confederate Flag is flying off the shelves. Not that they weren`t already. But there is one hated flag, you won`t find at Money Maker’s and that’s the ISIS flag because to fly that thing would be straight up un-American.



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