‘Breaking Bad’ script stolen from Bryan Cranston’s car

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BERNALILLO COUNTY, NM – A break-in means bad news for ‘Breaking Bad’ fans.

Some guy allegedly stole the script of the upcoming final season. Maybe he needed it to fund his meth habit? Sorry, bad joke.

The bad guy is said to have broken into Bryan Cranston’s car. For those of you non-Bad fans, he plays Heisenberg.

The bad guy reportedly bagged Cranston’s iPad which had the Bad script on it.

The alleged bad guy turned out to be a bad thief. Cops say Xavier McAfee was heard bragging in a bar about stealing the Bad script.

Bad guy McAfee was booked, but there’s no sign of the Bad script.

So Bad fans, watch where you click on the Internet. You could run into a spoiler, and that would be bad.



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