Britain’s surveillance agency accused of spying on Yahoo users

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CHELTENHAM, UK – Government spying used to seem like something we’d only see in movies, but we quickly learned it was a reality, especially when NSA leaker Edward Snowden confirmed what we all suspected.

Now it’s not just the U.S. Government dipping into our business. The Brit’s are doing it, too!

Britain’s surveillance agency is said to have captured images from millions of Yahoo users’ webcams as part of a program known as “Optic Nerve.” The program ran between 2008-2012. Within that time GCHQ, which is Britain’s intelligence and security organization, reportedly got images from more than 1.8 million users. So when word got out about “Optic Nerve,” it certainly struck the nerves of many because let’s be honest, we all know what a lot of people use webcams for.

Yahoo denies it had anything to do with it, but there’s rumors floating around that folks on this side of the pond with the NSA helped with the program. So next time you log on and think you’re alone, you may want to think twice.

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