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CHESHIRE, ENGLAND – Folks in Britain just might end up in the dog house this Christmas.

The Pets at Home website based in Cheshire surveyed a thousand people and found 75% of them will buy their pet a gift. Nothing wrong with that, right?

They also found 66% of those folks will spend more on Fido or Fifi than they will on their significant other. People said they planned to spend about 38 pounds (a little more than $60) on their partner’s gift and that much or more on their pet.

Pet lovers here in town say they’re no different. Paul Miller expects to spend $150 on his four dogs this holiday season. “I didn’t have dogs until after I retired,” he said, “and they become like your second family, you know? They’re like children, and they give you unconditional love.”

Alfonzo Hensley, who has two pitbulls, said he thinks he knows why men might treat their dogs better than their spouses, “Dogs don’t nag. Dogs don’t say anything. They just love… if they get mad, they’re right back in two seconds.” Alfonzo said he will probably buy his pooches $150 in gifts this year, including matching leashes and collars.

“It’s like a guaranteed loyalty as opposed to a significant other,” said Alesandra Farpon, who welcomed bulldog Lola into her home this year. She expects to spend about $50 this Christmas on the person she is dating and about the same amount on her new dog. “I really care about her (Lola) a lot. I feel like she depends on me.”

Ben Feig, who has two dogs, Zoe and Olak, agrees, “Dogs are like family. I’ve grown up with dogs my entire life, and they’re always there for you. They’re great to have around.” Feig says he will spend about $50 on his furry friends this holiday season.

Seems like when it comes to gift-giving, we can only hope to be treated like a dog!