Broke to School: School supplies getting more expensive

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With back to school shopping in full swing, parents all over the country might have to add one more item to the long list of supplies – a second job.

Because according to a recent study from Ebiquity, the average family is spending an estimated 1642 dollars on getting their kids geared up for the big first day.

These costs are going up faster than ever. It’s a 33% increase on last year’s spending if you do the math - assuming you can afford a calculator.

“This is an important time of the year, its like a holiday. It puts an added stress on parents. You have to get new supplies as your kids go to another grade level. Its really pressing right now,” noted Carl Green, an Outreach Worker for the HISD Homeless Education Office.

And it seems our kids need more than books, crayons, and uniforms to compete in classrooms with almost 800 dollars of that budget going towards laptops, tablets, and cellphones.

In the study, over 92% of parents said that electronic gadgets are essential for the educational environment.

So what is a family supposed to do if that price tag gets to be too high?

“(You can) Reach out to your school, reach out to the district. There’s resources out there to help. We provide backpacks, uniforms, toiletries, coats, socks with our families’ year round.” Answered Green.

He continued, “The thing that we’re doing here at Team HISD is making sure that every kid has what they need to be successful.”

Thankfully, because of organizations like the HISD Homeless Education Office, help is out there.

HISD is hosting the Back to School Extravaganza this Friday from 12-4 pm at Bethel’s Empowerment Center, which is open to anyone who wants to attend.

Like Whitney Houston says, I believe that children are our future, and they need to be given every opportunity to get a great education.



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