Brothers charged with scamming $5M lotto ticket

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NEW YORK – Back in October, we told you about two brothers from New York who waited six years to claim a $5 million lottery prize.

Their long wait to cash-in their scratch-off had us scratching our heads, too

Now, the truth is coming out.

District Attorney William Fitzpatrick says Andy and Nayel Ashkar did not get lucky and buy the winning ticket at their family’s convenience store, as they first said.

The brothers conned the real winner, a 49-year old married father of two” out of the ticket by convincing him he had just won $5,000.

The brothers offered the confused winner $4,000 cash to “avoid taxes and other complications.”

Then, they sat on the ticket for years…concocting a BS story about how they waited to claim it because they didn’t want the money to ‘influence Andy’s engagement and subsequent marriage.”

But lottery officials say they smelled a rat when the brothers asked if they could take a smaller prize in exchange for the lottery foregoing the usual new conference held for big winners.

Now, instead of cashing in, the Ashkar brothers need a bailout.

They’re charged with grand larceny, conspiracy and possession of stolen property.

We’ve seen lots of stories over the years about the so-called ‘lottery curse.’

Maybe there`s something to the myth.

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