Brunei ready to stone adulterers and homosexuals

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BANDAR SERI BEGAWAN, BRUNEI – Stoning is an ancient form of capital punishment that’s a hard way to die in some parts of the Muslim word that practices Shariah law.

The itty-bitty southeast Asian nation of Brunei, which is about 500 square miles larger than Harris County, is the latest country to embrace stoning as a form of execution.

The Sultan of Brunei had planned to implement Shariah law this month, but has put it off for a few days. It seems not everyone in his country is in favor of public flogging for drinking alcohol, amputation for theft, and stoning for homosexuals.

During the sultan’s visit to the White House last year, President Obama called him a key leader in southeast Asian who is “widely respected around the world.”

Somehow “respect” is the not the first word that comes to mind when stoning and amputation become the law the land.

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