Buffalo Soldiers Sesquicentennial Celebration

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HOUSTON – The Buffalo Solider Sesquicentennial celebration took place today in Midtown Houston.  The parade and ride were in celebration of the 150th birthday for the 9th and 10th Horse Calgary Regiments.  The theme of the 150th year reunion was “Due Recognition and Reward.”  The celebration’s purpose was to bring more awareness to the Regiments that were established on July 28, 1866.  The parade and ride started at Emancipation Park and ended at the National Buffalo Soldier Museum on Caroline Street.

The Buffalo Soldiers were a group of slaves and freemen that joined the military and served as the western movement took place.    Their main duties were to protect setters as they moved west .  They also supported westward expansion by building the infrastructure that was needed for the new settlements to flourish.

The name Buffalo Soldier derived from their ferocious fighting styles while battling the Indians.    The Indians likened their fighting styles, along with their dark skin and curly hair to wild buffalo.  Over the years the named translated into Buffalo Soldiers and the likeness remained up until this day.  Any black military unit that was part of the military carried that name.


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