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HOUSTON, TX – Burglar bars are meant to keep the bad guys out, but sometimes they keep the good guys from getting in.

Sadly, that was the case for Beverly Whitley, 89.

Her Northeast Houston home went up in flames on Halloween.

Family members who live next door and other neighbors rushed over to rescue her, but the burglar bars and the flames kept them away.

“Her Grandson and her Son-In-Law were trying to break the windows to get in but the fire was so intense,” said neighbor Sheila Robbins.

Firefighters arrived just minutes later, but they had to cut through the metal bars in order to get in.

When they finally got inside, Beverly was unresponsive, but crew members revived her and rushed her to a nearby hospital.

However, the smoke and flames proved to be too much; she died early this morning.

As for the cause of the fire.

“They seem to think it was a candle. She burned candles out in the garage, I think for the mosquitoes and stuff, because she has a little dog,” said Robbins.

The dog didn’t make it out alive, either.

Ironically, Beverly knew all too well about the dangers firefighters face every day.

Her husband was a retired firefighter, who also recently passed away.