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By: Jerome Bailey, Jr. 

HOUSTON — As heartbreaking as it is for so many families to rebuild, business is booming right now for companies like Olshan Foundation Repair in Houston with the demand for reconstruction being so high. Olshan says it hasn’t seen business like this in more than 15 years.

“Our calls have literally went from 80 to 100 a week, to last week we had just shy of 400,” said manager Chris Kates.

Rebuilding is coming with an abundance of construction and skilled labor jobs as the need for repair is high on roads, buildings and homes.

“The challenge has been getting to people fast enough and they want you yesterday and I understand that,” said Kates.

“We’re doing the best we can to serve Houston,” Kates said.

Additionally, labor skilled workers everywhere are still playing catch up after companies gave them time off during the storm with workers working long hours, overtime and weekends to meet demands.