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HOUSTON, Texas – It’s the best of both worlds. A barbeque joint and a food truck.

Welcome aboard Buttz Barbecue.

“Just been doing it for a long time,” owner Garrett Blinn laughs. “A pretty simple rub recipe that I’m not telling, and the barbecue sauce is something that I’ve been making for years.”

The story behind the truck is pretty simple, too: boy meets barbecue. Boy moves away from Texas and misses barbecue. Boy moves home and opens his own barbecue joint. What’s not so simple is putting it on a truck. First you have to have a place to store your firewood. And if you really want to do it right you have to have a place to soak your wood, too.

Then you have to have a smoker.

“Man, it is not designed to go on a truck,” Blinn admits showing us the rig he built onto his truck. “It took a little bit of engineering and ingenuity by my builder to get this thing on the back.”

Chew on This: when Blinn built the truck he made sure to include a full-size restaurant-style smoker on back. And while the design makes for a funky looking truck, it turns out some damn fine barbecue.

“The barbecue is good,” Houstonian Meredith Eby says over a pulled-pork sandwich. “I’m actually from North Carolina so it’s a different barbecue than I’m used to, but being in Texas it is a good barbecue.”

The plan is to turn the truck into a full-scale restaurant someday. In the meantime, Garrett Blinn is doing what he loves and is as happy as a pig in… well, you know.