California advances legislation to require vaccinations for students

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SACRAMENTO, CA – After the worst measles outbreak in years, California advanced new vaccination legislation that would takes choices out of parental hands, and hopefully keep kids at school from getting sick.

If Senate Bill 277 passes the legislature, and is signed by Governor Jerry Brown, no longer will parents be able to send their un-vaccinated rugrats to school with a waiver citing religious or personal beliefs. The only waiver would be for medical reasons.

Opponents that fear negative effects of vaccines rallied on the steps of the state capital to make sure their voices were heard. But Senator and Doctor Richard Pan proposed the bill, and he argues that protecting the general public is important.

It`s important to note that this isn`t the government mandating vaccinations, only setting up consequences for parents that needlessly put other kids at risk.

But let`s face it, it was 60 years ago this week that the polio vaccine was released, which two decades later left polio eliminated in the United States. To see measles pop back up in the 21st century… for shame.



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