Calm down, you can still get your twerk on in Louisiana

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DEQUINCY, LA – Sure, twerking is tacky; but can it be made illegal?

While we would all probably like to see Miley criminally punished for her cringe-worthy and downright unfortunate dance trend, the law just doesn’t work that way.

Yet, one online publication had readers believing you could do time for twerking in one Louisiana town.

The National Report (a fake new site) reported the mayor of Dequincy was banning twerking in city limits with first time offenders facing 30 days in jail.

It’s funny stuff, except that people thought it was real. It didn’t take long for real reporters to figure it out.

The article quoted a “Mayor Maynard Wilkens” as saying “We will still allow dancing… just no jigglin’, shakin and ‘dry humping’.”

Well, the mayor of Dequincy is actually Lawrence Henagan who, when questioned, apparently didn’t even know what twerking was.

The quotes from the National Report get better.

A presumably made up resident “Brandon Adams” is quoted as saying “Twerking is all us kid had left and now they’re taking it away from us”.

This isn’t the first time the town of not even 4,000 people has been target by the National Report.

Earlier this year, it reported all Dequincy students would be issued guns. In another report is said the town was banning Koreans.

Who knows why Dequincy is getting picked on, but this sure made for one hilarious tall twerk tale.





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