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DALLAS, TX – Who remembers the now infamous Dez Bryant catch, or no catch, or whatever? Where Dallas lost to Green Bay in the Divisional Playoff? The one Dallas just can`t let go? A cowboys fan in jail in Colorado, Terry Hendrix, is suing the NFL for $88 billion. He says the league stole the victory from “da boys.” And since he`s incarcerated for theft, he might know a thing or two about theft.

Is Dallas going to the dogs? A new campaign urging Dallas to stop adding fluoride to the water supply has gained some “poochy power?” It’s hard to read the captions since we could not get past the intensely cute pups on the page. Sorry Dallas, great thought, but poor execution.

Finally, Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings’ re-election finance report is out. The numbers all add up except for the lavish lunches at fancy Dallas locations the Mayor likes to enjoy with the city`s elite. And the place ‘Mayor Spend-a-lot’ ate most is Preston Trail Golf Club. Rawlings spent $1408 in campaign cash there. And to makes matters worse, the private country club doesn`t allow women. Is that politically correct? And what possible topic could the mayor have to talk about that`s too complicated for women to hear?