HOUSTON (KIAH) The city-wide boil water notice is impacting 2.2 million Houstonians, but what about your pets?

In 2021, the Census recorded more than 128.5 million in the U.S. with one pet in their home. Houston ranks fourth among homes with pets according to the U.S. Census American Housing Survey.

Locally, Houston Humane Society is trying to make sure your furry family members are safe too. They’re reminding pet owners that this boil water advisory also applies to all pets as well.

At the non-profit animal shelter, they’re advising all households to only give pets cooled boiled water or bottled water until further notice. Bacteria found in untreated water can greatly harm not only you, but your pets as well.

Is it good to switch your dog’s food?

The simplest thing can disrupt a pet’s healthy gut bacteria, even changing food brands. Imagine what introducing a new, unhealthy bacteria could do. In case your pet does ingest contaminated water, make sure you have your veterinarian information available.

2021 Household Pets[Source: U.S. Census Bureau]