HOUSTON (CW39) The U.S. and Europe are dealing with extreme temperatures right now.  So Google looked at the top heat-related questions we’re asking.

The #1 “Can heat cause” question we’ve been googling this week is . . . “Can heat cause DIARRHEA?”  Believe it or not, the answer is YES.  There are a few ways it can happen.

Anything that causes a lot of stress or takes a toll on your body can cause diarrhea, including a heatwave.

Also, hot weather can help bacteria grow.  So things like food poisoning and “stomach flus” might be more common when it’s really hot out.

And a study found there are more flare-ups linked to inflammatory bowel disease during heatwaves.  So that’s one more way heat can do a number on your insides.

According to Google, the rest of the top five questions we’ve been asking are:  “Can heat cause headaches,” yes . . . “nosebleeds,” yes . . . “diarrhea in dogs,” yes . . . and “migraines,” yes