Can Tropical Storm Bill still pack some punch?

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GALVESTON - Early on, Tropical Storm Bill hadn't lived up to the hype. In Galveston, a few surfers were excited to see some actual surf.

Charlie Barnett was taking advantage of the waves, "The only time you get it good in Galveston is when it's like this. People say there are no waves in Galveston but look out there right now. Gotta have fun and start somewhere."

Though Galveston's Beach Patrol is advising caution when out in the rough waters.

Peter Davis, Galveston Beach Patrol Chief, explained, "We've made about 250 preventative actions toady as far as moving people out of the water and off the rocks and a hundred and fifty or so, what we call public safety talks which are just telling people about the conditions, about what to do and what not to do."

Tourists visiting the island weren't expecting Bill, but they aren't complaining, either.

Chris Bohon and his family are visiting from Ft. Worth, "No, we weren't expecting this but here we are so might as well stick it out."

In Matagorda Bay, the epicenter of the storm, high water is creeping up to homes, though no damage by midday.

Al Garrison said, "This is the first time in ten years that I've had water in my yard."

So, what should we expect from the rest of Bill's visit?

Eric Berger the Sci Guy explained, "I think the big issue is going to be inland flooding and so the city may see some heavy rains Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, after that the city of Houston typically drains pretty well, it's got the bayou system and once the rain stops the water will flow out to the Gulf."

We've yet to see if Big "B" has bigger plans for us, but for now, at least the surfers are having a good time.

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