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HOUSTON – There’s more to Presidents Day than mattress sales and car deals!   It originally recognized the first George dub-ya.  You know, the father of our country, George Washington?  Now we celebrate all U.S. presidents on the third Monday in February.

So, how many people do you know who can name them all, in order?  Eleven-year-old Charlie Howgate can!

“How it works is, it’s basically visual memory, so, you look at a picture and that’s how you remember it,” he said.

Charlie and his younger brother, Christopher, visited NewsFix to show off the skills they learned at Learning RX in the Houston area.

“We give them the pictures and they need to take those pictures and visualize them, all the details of that picture, and make a visual link from one picture to another to another,” said Robin Gibson, executive director of LearningRx.

Charlie and train at the educational center,  where struggling students get help with cognitive skills like memory and focus. There are multiple centers around the country.

The memory workouts can get pretty intense, but the boys’  trainer says the kids have fun exercising their minds.

After learning the names of all 45, we asked 7-year-old Christopher which prez he liked best.  “Well, I don’t have a favorite one but I have the most funniest one.”

And, who might that be?

“Trump,” he answered.

Just because he knows all the presidents in their politically correct order doesn’t mean he’s learned how to be politically correct!

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