Canadian woman finds surprising stowaway in her suitcase

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MANITOBA, CANADA – It’s happened to a lot of us – you get back from a long trip and you find a few surprises in your suitcase.

But when Theresa Arnott arrived home in Manitoba after a trip to South Africa, she found something a bit more unexpected: a scorpion.

“He must have been in hideout in my clean clothes,” Arnott said.

That’s right, the eight-legged creepy crawly made a nearly 10,000 mile trip all the way from South Africa to Manitoba.

Instead of freaking out, as – let’s face it – most of us would, and introducing him to the bottom of her shoe, Arnott hopes to grant asylum to the stowaway she named Harold. She thinks he’d be right at home at a local zoo.

“He survived four long flights from South Africa to Canada,” she explained. “I thought I’d give the little critter a fighting chance.”

Sounds like Harold made a smart decision when he hitched a ride in this suitcase.

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