Car auction brings history on wheels to NRG Center

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HOUSTON, TX– While folks are busy celebrating the Astrodome’s 50th, right next door at NRG Center, they’ve been pretty busy, too. Classic cars from every era are rolling through to be auctioned off.  Mecum Auctions is in town this weekend filming their NBC Sports show “Mecum Dealmakers.”

That means almost 1000 cars (mostly muscle cars) will be auctioned off before Saturday at 8PM. Once the auction gets going each day, a car will go across the block every two-and-a-half minutes.  Mecum Auctions CEO Dave Magers estimates they will bring in between $30 and $40 million.

“Probably 90% of the people here are either looking for the car they had in high school and they want it back,” Magers says, “or they’re looking for the car they wanted to have in high school but couldn’t afford it then. But now they’ve gotten a little older with some expendable income.”

Magers adds it’s not just an auction, it’s also a car show of some of the coolest cars in history. Ticket prices are $20 for general admission and $100 to become a bidder.


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